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The tavern “Ararat” offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, original soft hot and cold drinks from natural fruits, Armenian and foreign wines, Armenian and Italian types of coffee based on espresso.

Even the most avid visitor will find here what he likes.

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Armenian national cuisine is also rich in different types of desserts, but of the most common can be noted fruits, dried fruits and various sweets.

In the tavern “Ararat” you can taste pahlava, gata made according to traditional recipes, as well as European brownies, eclaire, charlotte, carrot cake.


Pahlava is known not only in Armenia, but also abroad.

Pahlava is also known as the “queen of desserts.” It comes from the city of Gavar, which received its cultural heritage from Old Bayazet.

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Gata is very much loved among the Armenians. The methods of preparation are different. Each village and city has its own method of preparing gata.

In the old days, the gata was baked in tandyr. Following traditions, in “Ararat” the gata is prepared on the spot and served in the original size.